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For Frodo and Bilbo

September 22, 2020
I share a birthday with Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two characters from one of my beloved series: The Lord of the Rings. If you know me well, you likely know this fact about me. Every year since my eighteenth birthday, my family and I have celebrated this by throwing our version of Bilbo’s “Long Expected Party.” We feast on good meats and breads, cheese and strawberries with cream. The celebration is a little different every year. It is a tradition I cherish because it has become its own holiday in our house, and I treasure the time with my loving family.

Getting older is different for me this year. As I turn twenty five, I’ve been thinking about my life and all the joys I’ve experienced, as well as the pain. In some ways getting older makes me feel like Frodo: returning to the Shire, home once more, yet burdened by the weight of what he’s carried. Life holds so much more meaning to me now that I can look back on my life and truly see the work God has done in my life to …

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