About Me

I am constantly in awe of the creative power of God, and believe creativity to be a side-effect of being made in His image. My relationship with Jesus Christ has allowed me to use writing and singing to make sense of a world where there is a lot of hardship. It is in creative expression that I find peace, and I am happy to be able to write and sing in some capacity wherever I am.

I write mostly poetry, although here on my blog I have fun sorting out my overflow of thoughts. I minored in writing at my university so that I would have an excuse to write more poetry. In my time there, I received Nebraska Wesleyan's Promising Writer award, and Phi Kappa Phi's Artist Award. Moving forward I hope to continue writing and hopefully have some of my poetry published. In the meantime, my blog is an outlet for sharing my work.

As a singer, I am deeply in love with opera. I graduated recently with my bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance. In my studies, I had the opportunity to perform in various operas, my favorite of which was in the role of Miss Havisham in Miss Havisham's Wedding Night by Dominick Argento. My latest venture is an upcoming performance in my local opera company's Tosca, where I am excited to be part of the chorus.

 (photo credit: Samantha Worthing)


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